A New Way to Divorce

In divorce, there is a contract that must be dissolved and a legal process for dissolving it. But when divorce is initiated by one person securing an attorney, it can be intimidating to the other and could be interpreted as an adversarial move that can jeopardize any chance of an amicable solution.

The legal aspect of divorce is just one piece of a complex puzzle. After the legal divorce is “settled,” if one person is left financially insecure, the financial divorce is not over. If guilt, anger, and/or resentment are still present, the relational divorce is not over.

The Center for Integrated Divorce offers a comprehensive approach, focusing on your unique relational and financial circumstances. Our philosophy: educate yourself and get the right help; understand the relational and financial implications for everyone; and prepare yourself to make careful, well-informed decisions.


We do not provide legal or tax advice. Please consult the  appropriate professionals as needed regarding your individual circumstances.