Who Uses Integrated Divorce?

Couples who understand the risk and high cost of a litigated process and are committed to finding an alternative.

Litigation and court time can be expensive, and hands the decision-making power over to a judge. A judge has little time to understand your position, and even under the law, a judge’s decision is unpredictable. Divorce law provides guidelines for couples who are unable to come to their own agreements, but the courts should be the “decider of last resort.”

Couples who recognize the need for targeted support to understand complex financial, relational, and parenting issues.

Attorneys can advise their clients on the legal aspects of divorce, but are not likely to have expertise in financial planning, co-parenting, or conflict resolution. Professionals can help couples navigate these issues and support post-divorce success.

Couples who recognize the value and cost effectiveness of using more than one advisor to make smart decisions.

By identifying your needs and seeking the advice of professionals, you be well-informed and emotionally prepared to discuss your divorce settlement. Productive mediations can help move a couple toward agreement and avoid a long, drawn-out divorce that drains resources and perpetuates conflict.

Couples who want to work together to resolve conflict and make smart decisions for their own long-term best interests and those of their families.

The decisions you make during this important life transition will impact you and everyone involved for years to come. There is no more important time to educate yourself and get the right help.